Entry #2


2012-08-12 14:31:59 by MaggieTheFox14

Why..Do I Suddenly Feel I Did Something Wrong?




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2012-08-12 16:57:47

Did you do something wrong? Naaah. If this is about the dressup game, don't sweat it... I've tried to program Flash before and it isn't easy!
Newgrounds isn't set up like a modern 'social networking' site, but it is social, if you dare to enter the BBS/Forums or write on ppls blogs or review their work.
My cat kinda looks like that and gave me the same look today :3


2012-08-12 18:26:15

Oh... not too many folks here use the 'wait for comment approval by the author thing' - first time I've seen this pop up since the redesign earlier this year.
I mean you can keep it like that, but it's usually left open or with comments disabled completely (rare to see even that, but if you're going on vacation, don't log in here often or just making a quick statement, you can do that too.)